What is covered with your session fee? 


I offer a traditional setup of a session fee which covers only my time for the shoot. I do this instead of charging an order minimum. All digital files or prints will need to be ordered separately. I offer multiple types of sessions so feel free to reach out if you are interested in a Baby’s First Year Plan, An Adventure Session or a typical family portrait. 


What is covered in an adventure session? 


Adventure sessions are my favorite thing to photograph with a family! There are a myriad of  things that we can do but I find it works the best to start at home and work our way out and  about! It gives us a full spectrum of images that way and helps the images have a more intimate  feel.


With your sessions, do you only offer lifestyle images?


Absolutely not! I love to start off with a lovely portrait of your family and children and then delve  a bit deeper into telling your stories. I love to capture movement in photos in photos especially  with children.  Children are so spontaneous. My hope is that my work reflects that aspect of their  childhoods. In regards to photos with tweens and teens, I truly love to capture an image that encapsulates part of their interests at that time.


How do we go about booking? 


The best way to catch me is via email for scheduling so that I can take a good look at my  schedule to offer you different dates! I do require a session fee to reserve your date. I allow one reschedule due to weather or illness but ask for at least 24 hours if possible. 



Do you sell prints and digitals? 


I sure do!  I deliver proofs within two weeks of the shoot date. You will have a three day ordering period to place your order. Please feel free to reach out to see my entire list of offerings. 


Do you shoot in a studio? 


It is not my preference to shoot in a studio. I love to capture people in their natural environments  and places that mean something to them as a family.




What type of packages do you offer?


Please feel free to reach out for a current price list. All of my packages include the rights to print the files.  I have multiple offerings in regards to album choices, additional photographers and time.



What experience do you have? 


I am on my 17th year of shooting weddings. I have shot weddings in venues around the country and world at this point. I have shot everything from teeny backyard weddings to multi-day wedding events. I love all of them for different reasons and truly love the versatility that it makes me have as a photographer.  I definitely have a “formula” that I like to follow when shooting a wedding but I find it so fun to have to adjust to each weddings different elements and each couple’s unique story.



 Why do you limit the number of weddings that you take? 


As you can see from my website, I shoot a lot of different types of jobs.  I love that diversity in storytelling that I have with my job and truly believe that it makes me a better photographer. 
After doing weddings for so many years, I have come to realize that I better serve my clients and myself when I don’t take on too many. I love to delve into my client’s stories and that is hard  to do when I take on too much. I am a bit of a perfectionist (working on that one!) and still prefer to do all of my editing myself which takes me quite a bit of time.


Do you travel for weddings?


I do travel for weddings and charge a fee past two hour drive of Richmond, VA.


What type of weddings do you enjoy shooting?


I don’t actually have a TYPE of wedding that I prefer shooting but I do prefer working with a client that has time to connect with me prior to the wedding. That connection doesn’t necessarily have to be in person but I love to at least chat a few times and develop a comfort level with all of  my clients prior to their wedding day.


What are the details of your payment schedules and booking requirements?


I require a 1/3 of the package price for the retainer fee. I do require that retainer in order to hold your date for you. Full payment is due one week prior to the wedding.