The eternal winter

Y'all- This southern girl lives here because I love our MILD winters and blazing hot summers. I live for the time of year that we get to live in summer dresses. When my clients can sit for photos without shivering. The kids run around barefoot, happy and giggling. These are obviously not those times. As a photographer though, it's been a fun little break for me to recharge. A time to look at my work and my business and see what I want to work on next. I've gotten to do some fun creative shoots and hope to fit in a few more before wedding season officially swings back into gear for me in a couple of weeks! I am so looking forward to spring portraits season.

This winter, I have had quite a few little tiny newborn shoots. It's definitely a different pace to a shoot when you are patiently waiting for your subject to be happily fed or to fall into a peaceful slumber. There is no jumping around acting like a maniac trying to get the kid to smile because, well, the only way that will happen is if some gas passes (literally). As always, please excuse my typos. Hopefully, the content will convey and you will see the beautiful glorious love of this new family. I wish we all had photos taken like this when we were born. It's amazing proof of how dearly we are loved from the second we get here.

Enjoy, my friends!