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I have this immense love of California that stems from my time of living there during college. California has always been for me a place of learning, a place of finding like-minded community and a place of exploration. I got to do all three last month when I traveled out to Santa Barbara for the Yeah Field Trip!

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A Collaboration with Ira White

So it's pretty true that I can embrace my hippy side to the max, I am going there with this post when I tell you that I definitely think that movement can heal your soul. There's something about the physical manifestation of dance that really speaks to me in regards to your inner sel

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A Bridal Session

Hi All!I'm super excited to share a recent bridal session with you! I had a blast shooting it and we lucked into some perfect weather. I have to say that bridals are some of my favorite sessions to shoot because they are quite simply fun. You have the glam of the wedding day without the stress of the high pressure to stay on track with a time frame like you do on a wedding day! Thank you, Katherine, for being so much fun to work with and trusting me to do my thing!

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