Holy Winter time blues, Batman! Does this happen to the rest of you? Phew, I can't wait for spring, lots of friend time, farmer's markets, the laughter of kiddos on a playground, splashing in the pool, warmth and sunshine. When I am in a mood like this, I always love to go look at pictures of my kiddos! They make me happy. Most of my pictures of them are not posed (They are not fond of Mama with her camera!  Owen (when he was 3) looked at me sternly, told me to put down my camera and enjoy myself. It's a very humbling when your three year old sees right through you.) and involve a whole lot of goofiness. Who doesn't need a reminder of one of the best days in your life,  a picture of your family having a blast together or a picture of your child laughing like crazy to wash away the dreariness?  I love to be able to provide my clients with a little bit of joyous beauty that can brighten a day!  It's definitely one of the many reasons why I love this job. Certainly, we can remember these things without a photograph but to have it recorded in beautiful way... well, that is just a bonus, right?

This is one of my favorite family images that I have ever taken! A whole lot of joy and some of my favorite people!!