A little Patience

So you all know that my wonderful friend, Patience Salgado, was just in Oprah Magazine! I was lucky enough to have an image that I took of Patience included in the story. If you haven't had a chance to check out Patience's Kindness work, you absolutely should. Right now!!  http://kindnessgirl.com/ If we can all help spread her message, this community could do amazing things! Who doesn't need to hold tight to love? Patience constantly inspires me with her blog posts, her parenting style, her lovely family and her love that she shares freely with her entire community.



After reading Patience's work and having a million talks with my community of friends about life, love and what we all want, I  have realized that I have been searching for a bit more myself. A way to give back to the community.... more specifically a way to give back to the issues these days that are near and dear to my heart. The issues that I live with every day, single parenting or even more specifically single mothers and parenting. I recently came across this wonderful organization that helps provide yoga classes as well as childcare for the yogis while they are there!

It's such a great idea. I just wanted share the info with you all in the hopes that somehow we can figure out a way to get this to good old RVA. I can't imagine parenting without yoga. I know it sounds silly but every day that I come to my mat, I leave more at peace with myself and with more patience for my children. I find my breath, my kindness for myself as well as others and my strength. When you are raising children on your own, you need all of those things in spades. And let's face it, there is no more important job in the world than raising our children well!


Please check them out! Donate if you can and with a little patience and perseverance maybe we will see this organization benefiting Richmond!